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What is Funeral & Burial Insurance?

Funeral & Burial Insurance

Funeral & Burial Insurance is a form of life insurance that covers your final expenses, and is sometimes also called final expense insurance. In addition to covering the costs of a funeral and burial, with enough coverage you can also take care of any other outstanding expenses, such as a remaining mortgage or medical costs.

With burials costing $5,000-$10,000 and funeral services ranging from $10,000-$20,000, dealing with the costs makes a difficult time for a family even more stressful. While no one is ever emotionally prepared to lose a loved one, funeral and burial insurance can help to give your family the time the need to grieve by eliminating the financial pressures associated with funeral and burial services.

While it is difficult to consider, evaluate your family’s finances and think of what may happen to them if you were to pass away. Would they be able to afford the costs of your final expenses? Would they be able to continue living comfortably financially? An investment in funeral and burial insurance can help to ensure that you answer “Yes” to those questions.

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