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What is Single Premium Whole Life?

Single Premium Whole Life is a lifetime coverage option that has its premium paid in a single, lump sum payment rather than recurring installments. After your premium is paid, your policy will last for the rest of your life without any further payments required.

Single premium whole life is a highly valuable policy type if you are able to afford the one-time cost. While making a one-time payment for a premium can seem expensive, by doing so, you are able to secure coverage that is worth nearly double the amount that you put into it. You also eliminate the need for any scheduled payments for the rest of your lifetime, payments that may have exceeded the value of your policy.

Multiplying your available funds with a single premium whole life insurance policy is a great way to provide financial security for your family. Not only is it a product that provides great returns financially, but in a worry free manner through a single payment – Coverage for your whole life with one premium payment.

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